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Hey There! I’m Tedra Allen

Professional Organizer and Owner of Busy Mommas Organizing Services In Michigan

Busy Mommas Organizing Services invites you to delegate the tasks of decluttering and organizing, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with creating a spacious, simple and stunning home that is ready to sell.

Managing a busy professional and home life can be overwhelming while preparing your house to be sold.

Our team works hard to bring out the best in your home with integrity, experience and tailored systems for your busy lifestyle.

I get it….

I understand the frustrations, the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ moments, and the craving for an organized life that doesn’t require a treasure map.

Picture This: A home where everything has it’s place, where you can breathe easy and everyone in the house knows where the socks live!  That’s the life I want to help you achieve.

My love for order is practically in my DNA.  I’ve got an instinctual knack for making spaces make sense and putting systems in place that actually work.  And now, I’m on a mission to help busy professionals like you do the same.

So whether it’s getting your home ready for market, optimizing closet space or turning kitchen chaos into culinary calm, lets embark on this journey together…I’ll even pick up a Starbucks on the way for you wink.

“Before Busy Mommas Organizing Services came into our home, I felt overwhelmed by the work that needed to be done and didn’t even know where to begin.  There was always this feeling of something hanging over my head and the task seemed too big to take on myself.  I was frustrated with the functionality of our home and constantly having to look for things, and didn’t want to have people over due to the clutter.

Busy Mommas is a breath of fresh air.  They came in with no judgment, made everything seem not only doable but fun.  Tedra is full of wisdom and kindness.  She was sensitive to our needs, desires and concerns.  She provided many great tips and taught us how to function in a more efficient manner, not to mention all the life lessons we learned along the way.

After working with Busy Mommas Organizing Services, it feels like I can breathe again in the figurative sense and my load is lighter.  I enjoy walking into each room and enjoy spending time in my home.  I feel freer, and I’m excited to make lasting memories in our new space”.

Danielle T.- East Grand Rapids, MI

kitchen organiation

More Kind Words…

“Before working with Tedra my classroom had the typical elementary look… A tan, metal standard teacher desk, student tables in a u-shape and plain black book shelves in the reading area. The walls of the classroom had different learning posters, classroom jobs, a focus wall etc.

Tedra offered her decorating and organizing expertise to help spruce up my classroom using a Safari Theme. The teacher desk came to life by using cardboard to make a snazzy safari jeep. The multiplication wall became 3D with vines and leaves. Outlines of different safari animals adorned the room. The reading area was turned into a waterfall (rocks and all).

I have a better sense of how to organize my classroom space. I don’t have to have everything straight lined. I now know that the required posters and non-negotiables that I am required to have in my classrooom don’t have to be just stuck up there. I found that once I spruced the classroom up, my students were more eager to learn and listen. Tedra’s organizing expertise was just what I needed…thank you!”

Desiree S.- Kentwood, MI

“My house was always a disaster before I started working with Busy Mommas Organizing Services and I couldn’t seem to find the drive or energy to keep it tidy.  As someone who struggles with depression, finding support like this is challenging.

I found Busy Mommas and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  They not only helped me organize my home, but provided me with the tools/resources I needed to stay organized even when I am having a bad day.  The team was so kind and you could see they each had caring hearts.  Their skills will certainly make a difference in your home and lifestyle.

If you are thinking about using their services, I give them a 10 out of 10!  Busy Mommas Organizing Services truly goes over and beyond and cares about you as an individual”.

Makayla N.- East Grand Rapids, MI

As a teacher, we just don’t know when we’ll “need” things again. When Tedra came in to assess my classroom space, I was ready to make some changes. Every space on the walls were filled with posters and math formulas. It was overwhelming for me to try to make the classroom my own.

The team at Busy Mommas Organizing came in to help me plan my classroom space.  I wanted my classroom to reflect  my heritage, but also to have a new environment so that my students could learn.

  I’m so grateful that they came in not only to help me organize, but to transform my classroom into a place that I am now proud of.  Tedra also helped me work through the emotions that were involved with keeping things that sometimes held me back from moving forward.

I highly recommend Busy Mommas Organizing Services to help transform your spaces! Thank you Tedra!

Emily S.- Portage, MI

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